AIDs & POLIO Awareness

AIDs Awareness:

PRATEEKSHA has organised many AIDS awareness camps in Khariar Road and nearby villages with a message to stay for from these to have a good & longer life also distributed pamphlets for usage of condoms for preventing AIDS. We have organised dramas and folk songs with a message how a person is affected by AIDS and the end result so that the normal layman can understand its dangerous effects. PRATEEKSHA is planning to promote AIDS Awareness counseling centers in all those villages.

POLIO Awareness:

To eradicate the Polio disease, Govt. of India launched this Pulse Polio Project. PRATEEKSHA volunteers with the help of medical officers organised pulse polio eradication camp in Khariar Road during March 2008. In this camp with the help of local medical officer and staffs, PRATEEKSHA has helped to immunise 85 children under polio eradication programme with a single dose as target by Govt. of India. Read More»