Kendu Leaf Plucking

Kendu Leaf (KL )plays a vital role in the economic life of tribal and rural poor of Orissa. The Botanical name of Kendu leaf is Diospyros Melanoxylon, popularly called “Suna patra” or green gold of Orissa. The valuable leaves are used for wrapping Bidis, popular smoke especially among poor natives. Kendu leaf plucking provides employment and means of livelihood to millions of families spread across the state. The trade of KL provides employment opportunities for tribals, harijans (dalits) and rural landless people during summer when there is no agricultural work or opportunities of wage earnings.

The Self help Group members of 5 villages under Kuliabandha GP are engaged in KL plucking. Prateeksha has taken steps to engage these familes in Procurement of (NTFP) such as Kendu Leaf, Chaar seeds, Mohua Flower, Harada, Bahada etc from local people and storage in their godowns. For purchacing instanltly we arrange OSFDC/SGSY schemes to the concerned groups. After procurement/ Purchace the NTFP is dried in local godowns and sell them in Raipur or cities in additional price.

After agriculture this trade accounts for largest number of employment generation. Thus, NTFP collection is really a viable alternative for the families to maintain their livelihood in the lean agriculture season to supplement their income.Self Help Groups and encouraged to save part of their income from KL plucking so that they can avoid taking credit from money lenders at a high interest. Read More»