NABARD Training Programme

Increasing concern about food shortages, the global trend in rising food prices and adverse effect of climate change on food security promoted PRATEEKSHA to strengthen its efforts in the agriculture sector. Our focus now is on developing new agricultural technologies Livelihood practices and evolving innovative financial services, systems of production and marketing.

PRATEEKSHA’s Agriculture programme fundd by NABARD, Bhawanipatna has twin objectives. One is to provide support to our numerous poverty alleviation interventions by assisting the marginal, homestead-based, agricultural activities of the poor. These activities mostly consist of small scale operations in cultivating fruits and vegetables and raising poultry and livestock. The other is to appear overtly contrasting, are inextricable tied by their common mission – to increase food security for the poor.

The NABARD programmes focus on research and development is a direct response to the problems encountered by poor farmers. Over two decades of working closely with poor farmers helped us to understand that quality seeds and their steady supply are critical for agricultural livelihoods. Today our Agricultural Research and Development Centres and nurseries produce millions of crop and vegetable seeds and fruit sapling that are used by poor households to strengthen food security, improve nutrition and earn income.

As per direction and advice of AGB, NABARD, PRATEEKSHA organized this programme in Gujarati Bhawan in which several line department officials such as VAS, Horticulturist, Agrictlturist, DIC GB, Bankers and Pisciculture experts participated as resource person to address the rural people. Read More»