Women Convention

It is very important for bringing women in political mainstream and involve them in decision-making process. However, in reality, women are considered subordinate and used as mere puppets of political symbolic representation. The scenario will only change when the society will realize about an equal importance of men & women in life. The orientation of all sectors not only the men but also female have to be come out of the traditional frame of the social, cultural structure. Till date, thousands of women have entered in the PRI sector to be a part of village development & decision making process. They have come across lots of basic issues like corruption, delay in administration, negative mindset of bureaucracy etc. They have gained kind support from SHG women & their family to some extent Keeping in view these emerging issues and processes, PRATEEKSHA in the thirteenth year of its existence has organized its second Women Convention in Jain Bhawan, Khariar Road with a record of 700 participants from Women Self Help Groups of Nuapada. This Convention has focused towards strengthening and building cross section support for women in governance. This was also different in terms women from different sections of the society with Sarpanch, Social activists, volunteers of local NGOs etc participated as participants.

The Convention would determine the future strategies of PRATEEKSHA on the following lines.

•To strengthen the process of policy advocacy for addressing the issues of women representatives in PRIs.

•Effective participation of networks for strengthening alliance building process •Sharpen & develop political identity.

•To initiate facilitation of value base politics & intervention in social change process through a larger women’s movement.

Women Convention started with the Mashal lighting by Hon`ble MP Sri Bhakta Charan Das and followed by the guest welcome. This was the beginning the one-day State Convention program at Khariar Road.Mr. Rambilash Mongraj, the BDO Nuapada, gave the introductory speech. Then MP sri Bhakta Charan Das gave the most appreciated speech among the guests followed by Branch Manager Mr Pradhani, He clearly said that PRATEEKSHA to take various human welfare project specially for women honestly. He clearly pointed out the benefit of the decentralization, attacked the core issues in the Panchayati Raj Institution like non-implementation of the eleventh schedule, lack of funds, corruption and unwanted administrative structures. Almost all the presentations were reflective and appreciated by people a lot.

It is important to note that the entire historical background of the women’s movement is a mixture of both male & female perceptions. Many a male social reformers have tried their best to aware the society on the evil of patriarchy & its reverse effect on women from all castes & classes. This valuable capital of our own should be used by us by honoring those male personalities who are actually on ground want to share all types of rights with their female companions. The summing-up session was the best summary program. All women leaders prepared a special ending session where all the women were made to stand up along with a “Sum up Song” and a Cultural Dance with a step ahead, mixed with the song. This was the highest energy session, converted into a collective synergy or the state Convention. The Convention was able to attract alliance not only from political front but also from Government and non-government sector. Read More»