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Distress Migration Programmes:













Draught Mitigation :

This is implemented in the rural villages of the entire Nuapada Block by the programmed named as SAMUHIK MARUDI PRATIKAR UDYAMAt the initial stage our organization has conducted a survey of last year migration status in all the villages of the Blocks so as to compare each year status of development of prevention of migration and in their living style. For the above said project it has been decided to cover nearly 55 villages of 10 GP of Nuapada block. They people have been trained to take participatory rural appraisal by forming village level committees and to form Cluster level committees. Here after by strengthening by formation of Block level and Dist. Level Committee. The extreme poor people with their families migrate to other states for good wages and assured employment. While their migration the people lost their own identity by sacrificing the bit of land. Old age parents and their houses. They are getting several tortures and exposed to several a healthy and risky environmental works. Such as huge constructions and brick kilns. The program is to aware those peoples by registering themselves in the District administrative list, insuring themselves, Their children's education continuity, knowledge of human rights to take decision of their wages, durations of works. Exploitation and tortures. ACTION AID Bhubaneshwar is supporting for the programme.


Labour Grievance:


Labour Union:

The peoples are aware to the forth-coming labour intensive works in their respective villages by contacting several meetings and interactions with them. As the program is in an early stage. Proposed to do a lot for the needy poors as per their own requirement which they will plays the problems statement in their own formed committee.


SC, ST & OBC wage labourers are more vulnerable under this Act. It is learnt from the various sources of the society that the Minimum Wage Act has not been implemented properly in the villages. The landlords, the Sahukars and the contractors in the industrial belt are the most exploitative groups. They always look after their own benefit. So they are making under payment event if the minimum wage rate has been fixed up in the higher side.


As per minimum wage act, any sufferer may appeal his/her problem before the Honorable court of labour commission. He will eligible to get judgment within 3 months of his/her appeal. Now this act helps us to settle the case of women wage case working with stone crushers in Nuapada District.


After organizing this awareness camp during December 2008 in Diwanmunda village under Tanwat GP, the women wage labour of this area come across with the cases of their own and resolve it in the field itself.


Labour Rescued:




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